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Blue Mundo Jazz T-Shirt that a bird is shat on going free

Posted on: October 6, 2009

Today I get a call from Abdel the boy who look after the Mundo Jazz T-Shirt warehouse – he say that a bird is get in and shat on a blue extra large t-shirt. I take it out of his wages. Only joking friends! (as King Leer say, “Nothing comes from nothing”!!!!)

So now we have a blue XL Mundo Jazz T-Shirt that a bird is shat on, and we cannot sell, so is going free! If you would like a free blue XL Mundo Jazz T-Shirt that a bird is shat on, send me why I send you it, and the best one will receive a free blue XL Mundo Jazz T-Shirt that a bird is shat on.

I wipe first.

x Juan

8 Responses to "Blue Mundo Jazz T-Shirt that a bird is shat on going free"

My last t-shirt with bird shit had to be destroyed after the acids in the poo burnt thru to my skin and left 2nd degree burns. Now I’d kinda like matching burns on the other side, think it might be pretty cool…don’t wipe it off….

A t-shirt with birdy poops on? How could I not be getting with one of them.
I will be wears it next May time when mighty juan is wanting to know where he is to be pitching his tents at the horse track in Cheltingham.
I no wash it you no wipe it at all – birdy poops is lucky.

I wear it to play the poker and win lots of money which I spend on cool things to give the collective, like a triangle player tha don’t have no attitude.

Also – birdy pooped t-shirts become stylish and fashionable on my svelte body and then you get lots of fame and moneys by letting lots of pigeons into your warehouse/back bedroom?

Send me t-shirt!

The main thing missing from this year’s London fashion awards, clothing with added bird doo doo colouring. Dodo doo doo if you will…

Had the bird eaten blackberries beforehand? If so even better

Danielle congratulations you have win the t-shirt that a bird is a shat on. Please send me your address private and I will post to you.

I would like it as It is likely to fit me, plus receiving bird poop is lucky! And I like the colour blue. And I’m skint. And I like mundo jazz (especially hank and his rampant sperms!). And I’d be a great advert for you, what with being huge. And I rarely wash my clothes, so it’d get worn lots!! AND I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!

Dear Juan Pablo,

When I last saw you at Wychwood last yeah you were very keen to sell me one of your glorious T shirts but owing to my excessive moobs i explained my reluctance but bought one for the lovely Jo pictured here with some bloke (he said he was the roadie but i didn’t believe a word he said) and the now sadly exiled Field Marshal “Chemical” Boniface Duvalier. As you are now selling size XL i would be honoured to hide my chest area beneath your silly face.


I don’t want it. If a goat shits on something let me know. I might be interested in that.
Regards, Ginge.

Hello Mundo Jazz!

I require your shirt to aid in the (nonviolent) fight against capitalism!

Where I come from, Scotland, you are a brave man to walk down the street in a shirt! The average Scot does not understand how to live in a society that isn’t dominated by shirtless capitalist pigdogs! For you to aid me in the acquisition of shorts for depraved Scots would be a blow against the sellers of other sops such as gowns, cloaks, robes, and even against the shirtless themselves!

Please, think of the childrens.

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