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Win a blurred Mundo Jazz “Fight Capitalism” keyring

Posted on: October 9, 2009

Friends sorry you didn’t win the shat on T-shirt but now you can Win a blurred Mundo Jazz “Fight Capitalism” keyring that we got printed but then realised we couldn’t sell them cos they blurred.

All you ahve to do is write a best poem on the subject of “Fight Captialism” or “Blurred” and send to me your friend Juan Pablo here at the internet.keyring The winners is reveal next week.


8 Responses to "Win a blurred Mundo Jazz “Fight Capitalism” keyring"

rise, rise

soufle style;

fight them on the {benches}

and take, take, take what is rightfully yours.

that blur went proper

shit since parklife.


think I covered all bases, and

am smokin’

WOrthy of Winston Churchall

There was a capitalist, he had the runs,
He stank of shit, so did his plums,
The greedy basard, he have a fright!
Fight capitalism, not with guns, tonight.
The moral of the story is,
Money won’t deter the shits.

Cait this very delicate, if you continue you will be the new poet lorryette

My poem about fighting capitalism, also mentioning blurred, and referring to the photo accompanying Mundo Jazz’s Hindley Juniors blog:

Fight Capitalism with your every word
But beware lest your motive get blurred
With a desire to see
The Hindley photo lady
Eventually fall out of her shirt

Excellent pat but also alluding to tits. Very good

Is keyring, is blurred
Is not t-shirt with turd.

Will keep your keys in one place
is true
but really a shitty t-shirt with juan’s face
is all that will do

waddya mean it don’t got scansion?

is lot of bollocks

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