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Sheffield Go Crazy for some Juan Musical Magic

Posted on: October 18, 2009

sheffieldThis evening I “Steel”* the show at Sheffield! At the Cabaret Boom Boom I feel the warmth. I thanks to support act John Lenahan who go after me, a very funny magician guy. People say all magicians is assholes who got no friend so they stay in their room practicing magic all day. But this not true, John Lenahan is OK, but I didn’t see no evidence of friends so maybe he is jsut pretend not to be a asshole first class.

*Sheffield use to make steel. Font of the comedy in this case is it sound similar to “steel” which is what a theives do, like in a phrase “You bastard you steal Julio Ramirez’s wife”. And the reply “they not married so technically you are wrong although morally probably right”.

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