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Last week I am go to see Distract 9. Is a story about Africans who is imprison aliens in the ghetto. Is a disgrace, they put them in a shacks. This bastards is treat the aliens very bad, but the aliens is comin back with a little somethin for the Australians to get back at them!!!!!! Suddenly, POW is payback time. they got a weapons that like a laser and splat the fuckin austrians big style.
Friends this is what a documentaries should be like. If you watch Patrick Moore documentary is booring, but this one kick ass. Nobody want to see a documentaries about Americans eat burgers for a month. Every body now that Americans eat burger for a month every day, is explaining why they fat and stupid. Faren height 911 also boring, is a fat guy go shopping.

If any body here reading fron the newspapers I can do review in your paper for money like mark comode if you wnat to hire me you can email me here but i going out now so later is a better

PeaceĀ X Juan

Fuckin pastars whiy you not work

fcking bastars

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