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Skeg Beazlye Chapiter 7

Posted on: November 17, 2009

The President is desperate. Now the gansters is takin over man Hatton. The President get his top police chief into the white house. He say to his secretary who is cal Joolie.

“Joolie”. He say in a presidential voice all posh but you know he mean business.

“What president?” She say.

“The situation is desperate.”

“I don’t know nothin as I am just a secretery.” She reply. Because she is a sass, and she got long legs all cover in stockins and black lace.

“I know baby I am the president I didn’t get here where I am without not knowing this things. Never mind all your foxy long legs all cover in stockins and black lace. We have a situation. Get me skig Beaselly.”

“Oh my goodness” say Joolie because a long time she wnat to have a sex with beesly like a lot of women. ” I call him right away president”.

But before she can call him, there is a slight smash in the windows and in Swing beesly on a ninja rope.

“WHO IS!?” shout the security guards with Oozy nine milimeater shootin at skig. But Skig too fast, he do a chop and BAM! the guards is all ded.

“Beesly! ” Shout the president. “What the fack is goin on?”

“President. I knew you was in troable. This why I come. I’ll be back. I am back.”

Then BAM! The president and Joolie is a surprise. What is this comin out of skig back? IS wings! He got special hanglider from the old guy in Gems Bond (unless he pass away – likely), and he glied out the window over Man Hatton and (first he say goodbye to the president and Joolie) then he glied into some trees. The gansters is see. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! they are realy crapin the pants because they think is a BAT. So then the cheif ganster is name Alka pone get all the gansters in a dinner and hit one with a base ball bat so he don’t seem a poof, but then he say we got to giv eup because Skib beesly got wings or maybe not skig beasly maybe is a real big bat monster goin to eat us. So the gansters is gone from Man Hatton and the president is safe.

“How can we thank you?” say Joolie. “A shag” say skig, and everybody laugh. “Hey you guys stop kidin around” say the president to his security guards and they get up because they not dead they just pretend, and they slap skeg on the back because they respect him. One of them die later though of a mysterious toe disease sadly.

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