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I find the Nigella book is distracting

Just because you got fairtrade stuff in your shops and you give your coffee funky name, it doesn’t mean that your workers don’t live in plastic shacks drinking dirty ass water. Is pissing me off that Starbucks got a fan page on Facebook.

Does anybody fancy becoming a fan, then slagging off Starbucks on their own page? Maybe they are not so bad as a company, I don’t know,  but then maybe I want to go down the street and not see the same shop on every fucking corner.

We give a T-Shirt to the person who come up with the best diss of Starbucks on their fanpage.

Viva la revolucion!
Peace! xxx Juan

I decide to read “How to lick food like it was a throbbing penis” by Nigella Lawson.

I am going to try to find someting to read. Maybe Three Men in a Boat and maybe the damn Busters, I like angry titles. Oops I forgot to do up my flys. Now is done up.

Thanks to Colin Tait’s kind reminder I forget I have nothing to read. I go out now to find something before the big event. Friends I need your advice?


Trousers Down

Now have to start again. I keep you posted how I get on

Sitting Down

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