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Putting toilet paper on the seat


It just go to show you is worth checkin.

Just locking the door and checking it locked

Skig beesly is walking thourgh the jungle of South America nicking a statue from Indians, when suddenly! BAM! A ball rolls down his alleyway and bash him. But he avoid it because he have a whip, which he use to whip some oxes nearby to get them to stand in the way. The ball is crush the oxes and Skig saved. THEN! He use the whip to go over a pit. Suddenly, infront of Skig is a door. Nobody know what it is. Skig touch with his hands, but the door like water, but the water come out. So he step through the portle and BAM! He is in another world. WHat is this? The plants is not the same as usual plants. The furns is all different an d coconuts is a surprise shade. In the distants he hear a sound like a massive cow with teeth. But then BAM! JUst has he begin to enjoy the crazy world he come back to, a Tyrannosaurus run gradually from the under groath. What happen to sKig? Find out next time. To put your mind at rest he survive nobody want too much stress in life.

Toilet door is now closed

Closing door

In toilet now

Opening toilet door

Today I go to toilet

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