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Still tropical in Glastonbury… fence gleaming in the morning sun

Posted on: June 21, 2010

The Glastonbury site is very very dry and very hot!

As some of you may know we are very happy to be joined from Colombia by our old friend Carlos “The Mouse” Rodriguez. We are asking our friends if anyone is able to put him up for the night on his arrival? Crazy Carlos is not sure exactly when he will arrive (Colombians have no sense of time!) but would appreciate your hospitality. There may be a small number of people with Carlos, some of who may look scary and some may looks scared (it take all sorts!) but they will just stay for one night. IF you can help and you live in a remote coastal area please let us know. But don’t tell the police, coastguard or immigration services (they got enough on their plate without boethering them!) x x x

Amigos some of your friends in Mundo Jazz will be at Glastonbury early next week. We will try to keep everybody up date about weather and how muddy it is etc so make sure you are connect with us on twitter and facebook. We send you photos if we can. Pas it on to peoples who is going to Glasto and also to peoples who you hate like Janice in accounts who is not going because she has a rod up her ass and she really get on your nerves but now the joke on her cos you are going to Glastonbery and she not so you can take her piss.

x x x

..but we’ll do a big show on Sunday if we’re allowed to… x x x

We got a lot of questions that people can’t find us in the programme but we are definitely playing. We are not sure if we are allowed but if we are we will do a longer show on Sunday night to close the festival. x x x

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