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Film Review

Piranha 3D (18)

The guy from Jaws is in this boat when BAM! A whirpool start. What the fuck is this? He think to himself!!!! Is a whirpool. Where it come from? The answer – it come from the Jurassic century when piranha is king. The piranha say to his friends hey is the guy fron Jaws, lets eat him and so they eat him. But this just the start.

As luck would have it the lake is fool of naked chicks because of spring break. The sherriff is also no spring chicken but you would because is Elizabeth Shoo from Living Las Vegas not a prostitute no more but a sherriff as times is move on. Also the guy from Pulp Fiction is a sherriff.

Then BAM! The piranhas is takin no shit. The sherriff say to every body get out of the fuckin water because is piranhas, but nobody listen because they are mainly their for their bodies not the brains. Then BAM! Pirahnas atack and all sort of shit is goin down.
Then Kelly Brooks on a boat is a pornstar with a glass bottom. “Put your ass on the glass” say the porn guy, but no, Kelly is too busy LEZZING IT naked with a blonde chic with equeal large maracas. Oh man the lezzing go on for ages and believe me amigos is not long enough. The lezzing go on and on and is in 3D and is Kelly Brook underwater naked lezzing it. Oh boy. My goodness me amigos, they lez and lez and lez and you think they coming out towards you but is the 3D effect . BUT!!! It does not matter because you don’t care you are too busy watching the maracas of Kelly Brook and the blonde girl who she lez with.


Review by Juan Pablo Colon

Why are we forcing these poor racist to be treated by immigrant doctors? They should be allowed to carry a card saying “I excercise my right not to be treated by a foreign-born doctor or nurse”. They get to put racism into action , and we get Darwinism in action. Roll on the serious accidents.

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